“I’m fifty years old and I have been suffering from skin problems my entire life. I have tried everything possible in Vancouver before meeting Natasha. None of them worked. Natasha has helped me keep my skin condition under control over the past five years. She does with her hands what no doctor or machine could ever do. Absolutely amazing!”

Lisa J., Vancouver


“Since I started doing chemical peels with Natasha, I’m getting more compliments than I did in my twenties and thirties. I love how my skin looks and feels. Thank you Natasha.”

Caitlin M., North Vancouver


“My first experience getting a Brazilian was horrid. It took me a year to gather up the courage to try it again. My friend recommended Natasha to me. I was so nervous prior to my appointment that I couldn’t sleep at night. Needless to say… I was pleasantly surprised. It was fast and best of all practically painless.”

Wendy L., Richmond


“I just saw Natasha for a Boyzilian and Chest Wax. I have been waxing for many years now and I must say that she is the most painless, and the most thorough waxer that I have seen. She said that most of her clients are female and she is encouraging new male clients. The best thing she does is when she finishes one area, she gives you a mirror and asks you to confirm that she has been thorough enough. Then she moves on to the next area. She is super friendly and easy to get along with. Her office is modern and spotless and is located in a nice professional building at 16th and Granville. She has all the best and cleanest equipment. Ladies and Gentleman, there is no better! “

Randy, Vancouver